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Q: Can I make a donation in a safe way using iDEAL?

Making a donation through iDEAL is a very common and safe method of payment. Ushersyndroom Foundation ensures that making donations and sending personal data take place in a safe environment and has chosen for payment service provider (PSP) Target Pay. You can check whether you are in a safe payment environment by looking for a small key or padlock in the web browser. The web address changes from “http” to “https.” in the web browser. This means that the payment information can not be intercepted by third parties. More information about paments with IDeal you can find here.

Q: Can I donate in any way other than iDEAL?

Yes, you can. Via our permit form. you can register as a donator for a single donation or periodical donations.
You can also make a direct transfer to the bank account of the Ushersyndroom Foundation:

Stichting Ushersyndroom at Amsterdam
IBAN: NL 85 RABO 0362.3905.25
Account name: Stichting Ushersyndroom
ref.: Ushersyndroom

Q: Can I also make a designated donation to Ushersyndroom Foundation?

Yes you can, when you donate €1000 or more for a specific project. We advise you to contact us via info@ushersyndroom.nl.

Q: I live abroad. Can I also donate to Usher Syndrome?

Of course, please do! You can transfer your gift or donation to the bank account of the Ushersyndroom Foundation at Amsterdam.

IBAN: NL 85 RABO 0362.3905.25
Account name: Stichting Ushersyndroom
ref.: Ushersyndroom

Q: Are there any fees charged for on-line donations to Ushersyndroom Foundation?

For the subscriber or donor there are no costs associated with donating. However, iDEAL charges 0.49 cents per transaction on the amount donated to Ushersyndroom Foundation. Direct transfer to the bank account of Ushersyndroom Foundation and/or a standing order via the donation form are the cheapest ways to donate.

Q: Does Ushersyndroom Foundation pay 100% of all donations to charity?

As a non-profit organisation, Ushersyndroom Foundation strive to give 100% of the received donations to the designated projects. Ushersyndroom Foundation incurs expenses for the design and implementation of recruitment campaigns. These expenses are within the limitations set by the CBF accreditation for charity organisations. Our ANBI-status obligates us to publish our checked annual results on this website.

Q: Are my gifts tax-deductible?

Ushersyndroom Foundation has the ANBI status (ANBI = Public Benefit Organisation), which makes your gift tax-deductible. The following fiscal benefits have been applicable as from 1 January 2008:

1. An ANBI does not have to pay inheritance tax or gift tax for inheritances and gifts that this ANBI receives in connection with the public benefit.
2. Payments which an ANBI makes for public benefit are exempt from gift tax.
3. When the Tax Authority has assigned the ANBI status to an organisation, a donor can deduct gifts from the income or corporation tax, obviously in conformity with the applicable regulations.

For additional information please visit the website of the Tax Authority or Schenkservice.nl

Q: Can I also make a periodic donation?

Certainly! You can lay down a periodic donation in writing in two ways, being:

  1. In a written agreement between you and Ushersyndroom Foundation.The Tax Authority has drawn up a number of standard forms that can be used in most situations. You can use these forms for laying down the agreement in writing. In this way you are sure that your agreement meets the conditions. Use the website of the ‘Belastingdienst’. Postal address of Ushersyndroom Foundation: Postbus 15746, 1001 NE Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  2. at the notary through a notarial deed.
    For this directly contact a notary or with the treasurer of the Ushersyndroom Foundation: John Smits via john.smits@ushersyndroom.nl.

Q: Is it possible to include Ushersyndroom Foundation as a charitable organisation in my will?

Certainly. If you are considering including Ushersyndroom Foundation in your will, the following things are important to know:

  • Your inheritance has been exempt from inheritance tax (in the Netherlands) as from January 2006. This means that your money will fully go to the treatment of Usher Syndrome and the improvement of the quality of the lives and well-being of people suffering from Usher Syndrome.
  • You can demise in two ways, being by means of a bequest or a legacy. A bequest is a percentage of or the whole of your property, for instance 20% of the proceeds of the house and/or the furniture. A legacy is a definitely described part of the inheritance, for example a fixed amount or a certain estate.
  • A will must always be drawn up by a notary, otherwise it will not be legally valid.
  • This can be done by your own notary.
  • By leaving money to Ushersyndroom Foundation, you ensure the continuation of the developments with respect to the treatment of Usher Syndrome.

    Q: Is you question not in this FAQ?

    Ask your question via our contact form.