People with Usher syndrome are deaf or hard of hearing at birth. The high tones are often heard worse; everything sounds damped. Speech reading helps to understand and also sign language. Hearing aids or cochleair implants offer a solution but hearing in a noisy setting or in a group remains still difficult. Also hearing direction is a problem. A significant portion of the hearing impaired with Usher syndrome become deaf. Read more
Poppetje met zonnebril en koptelefoon


The Ushers

Did you know that there are 400.000 people worldwide who are becoming deaf and blind because of Usher syndrome? Usher syndrome is a rare progressive disease where people are often born deaf or born with hearing loss, become night blind and have a progressive decreasing vision field because of Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP). In this infographic 'A totally Usher', we tell you everything you want to know about Usher syndrome View infographic

Usher Experience

With this film we offer you an Usher experience. What happens when someone having Usher syndrome is getting some coffee? Seeing and hearing are both needed for processing information from the environment. With Usher syndrome less or even no sound and/or sight will be perceived. What cannot be heard cannot be seen and the other way around. Becoming deaf and blind are both reinforcing each other and eventually the world reaches until the touch of the hand. Read more

What you can do